Common Injuries Suffered in Construction Site Accidents

January 26, 2022

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Construction sites are dangerous places with a high risk of construction site accidents. Because of the nature of the job, construction workers face a significant risk of injury while on the job. In some cases, the injuries sustained by construction workers can be fatal. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a regulatory agency that aims to make construction sites a safer place. But, some rules and regulations are ignored on construction sites. These ignored rules are accidents waiting to happen. Construction site accidents will warrant an experience lawyer. BIB Law Group can help assess the severity of an injury you incurred while on a construction site. We will help you obtain any workers compensation you may be entitled to.

Burns and Scarring

One of the most common construction site injuries involves burns and scarring. Between the exposed wiring, potentially dangerous chemicals or leaking pipes, and other items that create a risk for fire, it is no surprise that many construction workers experience burning and/or scarring. Construction workers are most likely to experience electrical burns, but they may also experience chemical burns when there has been little or no communication about the hazards involved with handling certain chemicals.

Cuts and Lacerations

Many construction workers experience cuts or lacerations due to poorly maintained or defective tools, unsecured machinery, failure to follow OSHA guidance, or hazards like exposed nails. These injuries can usually be minimized (if not totally avoided) by always wearing protective clothing and gear while on the construction site. Cuts often manifest as minor injuries, but deep cuts can sever tendons and muscles – resulting in a significant time away from work to heal.

Head and Brain Injuries

If you’ve walked or driven past a construction site, you may have seen signs posted near the entrances of the site reminding employees and visitors alike to wear a safety helmet – and with good reason. Another common injury at a construction site is a cranial injury. Unfortunately, falling objects, tools, or materials can be commonplace at construction sites, even when precautions are taken. These injuries can include lacerations on the head, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Safety helmets also prevent the head from coming in contact with electrical hazards.

Injuries from Falls

Many constructions projects require employees to climb a ladder or scale scaffolding. Unfortunately, some employees may fall from a ladder or scaffolding, resulting in injuries to the spinal cord – which can lead to partial or full paralysis, long-term physical disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. Similar injuries can occur when construction workers fall into holes or ditches on construction sites. OSHA suggests that if construction sites implemented solutions to make scaffolding safer, it could prevent on average 4,500 injuries and 50 fatalities annually. OSHA further estimates that there are almost 25,000 injuries due to falls on stairways or ladders used in construction – many of which could have been prevented.  

Injuries from Heavy Machinery

Many construction projects are completed more efficiently than ever before with the use of heavy machinery. Unfortunately, due to the nature of heavy machinery, some of the most common construction site injuries are broken, fractured, or completely crushed bones due to improperly secured machinery or operator error. For example, improperly operating forklifts results in approximately 95,000 injuries annually. In some instances, improper use of heavy equipment can result in the loss of a digit or even a limb. Improper operation of heavy machinery can also result in fatalities. Take, for example, when the boom of a crane connects with an overhead power line or when a worker is caught within the crane’s swing radius. If a defective piece of construction equipment caused your injuries, you may have a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Loss of Hearing

Hearing loss is another common construction site injury. Hearing loss is not always the result of a singular event (although it certainly can be). Rather, the constant and continuous loud noises from heavy machinery and building equipment can result in gradual hearing loss over a long period of time. If an employee fails to wear earplugs when operating particularly loud machinery (like a jackhammer), this could significantly affect their hearing.

Repetitive Overuse Stress Injuries

Construction workers engage in a lot of repetitive movement. Constantly lifting, bending, or moving in a particular way can result in stress injuries over time, especially to the back, shoulders, knees, and hands. Some examples of repetitive overuse stress injuries include tendinitis, bursitis, stress fractures, and more. Without treatment and with continued stress, an injury can quickly develop into permanent, long-term damage to the affected muscles, tendons, or nerves.

Heat Stroke

Construction workers may be required to work in any kind of weather. For workers in particularly hot areas of the country like California, this can quickly become a dangerous work hazard. Heat stroke occurs when a body is unable to control its temperature and can develop quickly – within 10 to 15 minutes. Left untreated, heat stroke can lead to severe internal organ damage and, in some cases, death. Heat stroke can also manifest alongside other illnesses like sun exposure and overexertion.

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