Our experienced tenant rights lawyers are here to fight for your rights.

As a rental tenant or member of an HOA you have the right to live in a safe environment that doesn’t put your and your loved one’s health and safety at risk.

We understand that the landlord-tenant relationship can often be adversarial and that taking legal action against your landlord for unsafe living conditions can be daunting.

Types of Tenant Right Violations

If any of the following violations have been committed by your landlord you may want to consider consulting an experienced habitability lawyer.

  • Severe mold contamination and water damage
  • A failure to execute repairs that create inadequate living conditions that cause a risk
  • Infestation of roaches, bedbugs and rodents due to the landlord’s failure to conduct pest control or fumigate
  • A lack of functional plumbing, heating, electrical, or other utility service
  • Lead-based paint related illnesses
  • Injuries that occur due to landlord negligence
  • Asbestos contamination due to unsafe maintenance or construction practices
  • Anything that renders your home uninhabitable

Why Hire an Experienced Tenant Rights Lawyer

Landlord-tenant disputes can often be complicated. It is beneficial to have experienced attorneys on your side to help you understand what your rights are under the law.

Our experienced tenant rights lawyers have considerable experience representing tenants, which gives our clients an edge as we are readily able to anticipate our opposition’s legal position or strategy and guide our clients accordingly. We work with the country’s leading experts including board-certified toxicologists and medical specialists to get tenants the treatment they need.

If you are a tenant in California you have the right to live in a safe environment that doesn’t compromise your health and safety.

Our strategy in representing clients who have been the victims of landlords creating unsafe living conditions is dictated by their goals, the nature of the dispute and the available options based on the law.

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