10 Tips For Driving in Los Angeles.

September 28, 2022

10 Tips For Driving in Los Angeles. Post Image

Los Angeles has a reputation for being difficult to navigate. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the area. Between the large six-lane freeways, confusing carpool lanes, and aggressive drivers, it’s no wonder some people are worried about driving in L.A. According to Patch.com, the 405 is the busiest freeway in the country. With almost 380,000 cars traveling on I-405 daily, it can be overwhelming to drive in L.A.

Whether you’re in L.A. for business, on vacation, or a local, here are ten tips for getting around and driving in Los Angeles.

Drive with A GPS

Driving in Los Angeles can be overwhelming. Especially if you are not a local and knowledgeable on which routes to take. Using a GPS system, or simply using Google Maps while driving is a must. These devices can help you navigate the large hustle and bustle of the city. Make sure to look at the full route before heading out. While driving in the downtown traffic some GPS and online map systems can be slow to update and can cause you to miss your turn.

Drive with a Dash Cam

Having a dash cam while driving in Los Angeles can be a great asset. Having a second set of eyes on the road through your dash cam recording can help prove fault in car accidents. A dash cam is also a great way to make sure your insurance premiums don’t increase after an accident. Your dash cam can also help you catch hit-and run drivers.

Look for Safest Routes

It is no question that L.A. is full of traffic and people. Getting to some of the most most popular areas and attractions can be hard and time consuming. Make sure to look at the safest route to get where you are going in L.A. traffic. With a large number of people, comes a large number of car accidents. You will want to avoid a car accident by finding a route that you are comfortable with.

Watch for Pedestrians

Who has the right-of-way on our roads: pedestrians or drivers? The short answer is that, in California, in most instances where a driver might observe a pedestrian, the pedestrian has the right-of-way. L.A. is known for the sheer amount of people. When driving in Los Angeles it is important to really watch for pedestrians. When driving to popular tourist attractions it is more important than ever to be fully alert and aware of pedestrians.

Only Talk With Hands Free Devices

Driving in L.A. while distracted by a device is not a smart move. You will need to be able to focus your full attention on the road and your surroundings. If it is absolutely necessary to use a phone while driving make sure you are only using talk to text or hands free calling.

Observe Parking In L.A.

Parking in Los Angeles can sometimes feel impossible. Make sure that you are aware of where you are parking and it is a legal parking zone. If you are lucky enough to find street parking, make sure that you park in a manner that will avoid possibly being hit by another car. If in a meter zone, adding enough coins to get you through your allotted time to avoid parking fees is a must. Be aware that a lot of metered zones have a low limit of only 2 hours or so.

Avoid Rush Hour if Possible

Rush hour in L.A. can be overwhelming. Especially if you are not from Los Angeles. Avoid driving in rush hour traffic at all costs. When planning your daily activities, consider your travel time to get to and from. If these activities are planned around rush hour it will be likely that you will want to allow an extra 30 minutes to a hour to get where you need to be.

Learn Your Rental Car Before Getting in Traffic

Flying into L.A. and renting a car? Driving in a car that you are’t familiar with can be stressful. Add in millions of people and hundreds of thousands of other drivers around you, it can be a recipe for a car accident. Make sure that before leaving your car rental company you become fully aware of your rental car and how to properly use all of the controls.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Gas

It is no secret that L.A. driving involves traffic and slow downs. You can drive 30 miles or more and still be in the city of Los Angeles. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a low gas light on and no gas station in site. Make sure that when you are planning your daily travels you take in consideration how much gas you will need and have plenty of gas on hand to get you where you are going.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney if Involved in A L.A. car accident

Driving in Los Angeles can be overwhelming, but it is also worth it. There are so many great sites to see in Southern California. Of course, with the amount of drivers in California, you are at risk for a car accident. If you have been involved in a car accident, hiring a Los Angeles car accident attorney might be in your best interest. B|B Law Group can help.

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