Five Ways To Protect Yourself After a Los Angeles Car Accident

October 5, 2022

Five Ways To Protect Yourself After a Los Angeles Car Accident Post Image

Car accidents can be scary and overwhelming. It is hard to keep calm and know how to protect yourself after a car accident happens. It is best to be prepared for a car accident before it ever happens. Los Angeles has about 170 car accidents per day. Given that a car accident can happen at anytime, and often when you least expect it.

According to Los Angeles Police Department data 289 people were killed in traffic collisions last year, 21% more than the same period in 2020 and 19% over the same period in 2019. A total of 1,465 people were severely injured, a 30% increase over the same period in 2020. The LAPD defines severely injured as needing to be transported from the collision.(Source) Follow these tips to protect yourself after a Los Angeles car accident.

Be Prepared In Case of a Car Accident

You must be prepared for all instances. Every time you drive you are at risk for a car accident. Even if you are an extremely safe driver, there is always a chance you will be involved in a car accident. There are several things you can have in your car at all times in order to best be prepared in case of a car accident

  • Drivers license,
  • Car insurance and car registration.
  • Safety kit with first aid supplies

What To Do (And Not Do) At The Scene of a Los Angeles Car Accident

After being involved in a car accident it is common for shock to set in. It can be easy to forget what you should do (and not do). Remaining calm after your accident is key to making sure you protect yourself. The top actions you should take after your car accident are the following.

  1. Take a moment to assess your physical condition, as well as the condition of any passengers and occupants from the other vehicle(s).
  2. Call the police to report the accident, as well as any injuries.
  3. Take photos to document the vehicles’ position and damages.
  4. For minor accidents, move your vehicle out of the flow of the traffic.
  5. If possible, talk to witnesses that stopped to assist. Use the notes on your phone, or write down any key details so you don’t forget them later. Don’t forget to get the witnesses contact information. These accounts can be a great asset when continuing with a personal injury lawsuit.

Just an important as what to do after a car accident is what you should not do. Following these tips on what you should not do are key ways to stay protected.

  1. Do not sign any papers for anyone except the police.
  2. Do not admit fault to the other driver or any witnesses.
  3. Do not leave the scene until after the police has given you clearance to do so.

Staying protected after a Los Angeles car accident is key by following these steps and knowing what to do after a car accident will help keep you protected.

Check For Injuries

At the scene of an accident it is not uncommon for you to be in so much shock that you do not feel the extent of your injuries. Delayed injuries after a car accident are very common. Injuries can start to set in within 24 hours of the accident when the shock starts to wear off. When you are at the scene of the car accident be sure to evaluate yourself for injuries and if an ambulance has arrived, ask for an assessment. After you have been cleared to leave the scene of the accident make sure that you follow up with your doctor for further assessments.

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