Top Slip and Fall Accidents in Winter

November 22, 2022

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Los Angeles is known for its beautiful weather. With temperatures typically above 50, even in the Winter, we don’t have to worry about harsh weather during the winter. While Southern California is known for its beautiful weather all year, residents will often travel to other parts of the state the experience colder weather. Additionally this puts them at more risk for slip and fall accidents. The winter months can add risk to slip and fall accidents for several reasons.

Slip and Fall Risks in Winter

When traveling in the winter you will want to be aware of the added risks that winter brings. Winter months can be more of a challenge for small businesses and employers. Because of the cold weather it can create unsafe conditions. By being aware of these potential slip and fall risks you can avoid injury. But, if you do find your self with personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is better to be prepared.

Falling on Icy Walkways

Icy walkways are dangerous. They are particularly hazardous to residents of Southern California who are not used to encountering ice. If you slip and fall on a walkway at a private business in icy conditions, it is good to know what to do in that situation. While falling does not always put blame on the business, there are many cases that someone else should be held liable for their negligence resulting in your fall and injuries.

Un-Shoveled Sidewalks and Streets

Un-shoveled sidewalks and streets can pose a serious threat to pedestrians. Those who are entering or walking around a private business or facility need to take caution. Sidewalks and streets should be salted after snowstorms and ice storms in order to improve walking traction and prevent falls. If you have slipped and fell because of a private sidewalk that has not been properly cleared, you may be entitled to compensation.


With daylight savings in November and daylight hours being shorter and shorter it can add additional risks. Pedestrians need to be conscious of low lit areas and ensure they are being safe. But, business owners also have the responsibility to make sure they are providing property lit common areas and walking paths. Specifically there should be proper signage in all areas of potential hazards, including warning signs for wet floors and walkways. Signs should be placed in a clear, unobstructed location and should be easy to read. Generally when you slip and fall because of poor visibility you may have a case for a personal injury lawsuit.

If you Slip and Fall in Winter, Document the Poor Conditions

When involved in a slip and fall accident because of any of these conditions, the first thing to do is to document the conditions. Take a photo, or multiple photos, to document that the area was unreasonably unsafe. Nonetheless if you are looking to prove negligence in a personal injury lawsuit, you will need proof. By taking a photo you can prove that the walkway or path was not properly cleared or well lit. Failure to document the area through photos could end up with a failed case. If you forgot to take a picture immediately, make sure that you send someone back quickly for the photo. While you could send someone back for a photo, it will be hard to show proof if you wait too long and the walkway had already been cleared.

Slips an Falls Accidents in Winter can be Dangerous

Winter slips, trips and falls can be dangerous, costly and fatal at worst. The good thing is that most of the time, these types of accidents are entirely preventable. Business owners and employees have a responsibility to take the right precautions and prepare pedestrians for any weather conditions. However, if and when an accident happens, it is important to know your legal rights. For injuries caused by a third party’s negligence, an injured person may recover damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

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