7 Common Holiday Injuries

December 14, 2022

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so the song says, and the attorneys at B|B Law Group tend to agree. With the Holidays approaching it’s such a great time of the year. Christmas songs playing, decorating your home, making Christmas cookies with your kids, and caroling for your neighbors. Although the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, it can come with an increase in personal injuries across the country. From December to January, there is a large increase in injuries. Holidays are a time to celebrate, a time to give thanks, and a time to deck the halls. B|B Law Group wants you to enjoy the winter holidays safely and free from holiday injuries.

7 Common Holiday Injuries

Holidays come with increased risk for holiday injuries. The good news is you don’t have to roll yourself in bubble wrap while you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Being aware of some of the most common holiday injuries will help improve your chances of entering the new year injury free.

Here are a few winter season and holiday injuries to be aware of.

Slip and Fall Injury from Holiday Decorating

Everyone wants to have the best decorated home on the block. But, at what cost? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 160 decorating-related injuries occur each day in the United States during the holiday season. These accidents area more likely than not slip and fall accidents. These accidents can and usually do lead to broken bones, concussions and pulled muscles. Before starting your holiday decorating check your ladder to make sure it is still stable and secure. Better yet, always decorate with the help of someone that can hold your ladder in place while you are hanging lights, decorations, etc.

Fires and Burns From Holiday Decorating and Cooking

As the holiday decorating goes up and the holiday cooking (and frying) increases, Americans are putting themselves at an increased risk for fires or burns. One of the largest cause of fires at the holidays is Christmas trees. Overloaded electrical outlets, hot lights on an overly dry Christmas tree, the risk for fire is there.

Fires and burns are also very common occurrences from holiday cooking and frying. It is that time of the year when you want to fry a Turkey. In fact, U.S. fire departments respond to more than 1,000 fires involving deep fryers each year. This resulting in an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, and the destruction of 900 homes and more than $15 million in property damage, according to the NFPA.

If you are looking forward to decorating your tree or frying a turkey this holiday season you are not alone. You can still do so safely with proper safety precautions. If you decorate a real Christmas tree, make sure that it is well watered and that you aren’t overloading it with lights. If you are purchasing an artificial tree, make sure that it is fire resistant. If you are frying food for your holiday gatherings, make sure you are doing so properly and not leaving your hot oil unattended.

Snowmobile, Sledding and Skiing Accidents

The holiday season brings colder weather, and more opportunity for outdoor fun in the snow. Ok, maybe not in Los Angeles. But if you are traveling to the mountains or even visiting family, you are at risk for a snow accident. Playing in the snow is fun. Snowball fights, snow angels, and sledding are kids favorites. Snow typically comes with slick, and the risk of fall, or even more serious injuries while doing more adventurous snow activities are there. Head injuries are very common from snowmobile, sledding and skiing accidents.

Increased Traffic Accidents

With holidays comes increased traveling. You are either driving locally to multiple holiday parties, etc. or driving longer distances to visit family and friends while you have some holiday vacation time. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that more than 600 people die on the road in the United States during the days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately a large percentage of those accidents involved an alcohol-impaired driver. But, accidents are also likely to happen when drivers are extra tired or distracted. When traveling for your holiday events this year, make sure that you are practicing the best safety precautions.

Toy Related Injuries

Christmas presents and toys are supposed to bring joy and smiles to adults and children alike. But, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In 2020 alone, emergency rooms across the country treated almost 150,000 toy related injuries. These are injuries documented in children ages 14 and younger. Curious to know what toy accounted for a large amount of those injuries? Scooters. Scooters accounted for 21% of those 150,000 injuries. When giving Christmas presents and toys this year make sure that you have read all of the instructions for the new toys and be sure that everyone using get toy is following the guidance on proper use.

Strained Back and Neck

It is that time of the year, your spouse has you lifting heavier boxes. Taking decorations and boxes down from upper storage areas. The risk of a strained back and neck increases this time of the year. It sounds silly, but sitting for extended times on the couch while holiday shopping from your phone can increase the strain on your neck. Practice proper lifting strategies (bend with your knees, not your back) this holiday season to avoid holiday injuries involving your back and neck.

Pedestrian Injuries

It is that time of the year. When the sun seems to be gone before we are home from work. With limited daylight hours, and increased traffic for the holidays, pedestrian accidents (especially with motor vehicles) seem to rise drastically. Be sure to be extra vigilant while driving and looking for pedestrians. Remember that at crosswalks, etc pedestrians will have the right of way.

Holiday Injuries

As we have talked a lot about holiday injuries, a lot of these injuries are no ones fault except for the victim. Multiple holiday injuries are a result of the victim’s unfortunate moment of carelessness. While we do hope you will take care to prevent these injuries and seek medical care should they occur, there is not usually any legal recourse if the injury was completely your fault.

On the other hand, if holiday injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may want to seek out a personal injury attorney to help you pursue a personal injury claim. The personal injury attorneys at B|B Law Group are here to help.

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