9 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want Car Accident Victims to Know

March 2, 2021

9 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want Car Accident Victims to Know Post Image

After getting into a car accident, it’s important to know what steps to take to ensure you receive the settlement that you deserve. Unfortunately, insurance companies often make it very difficult for car accident victims to successfully process their claims, making it more difficult for victims to focus on their recovery and move on with their lives.

The truth is, insurance companies are not on your side. Ultimately, their goal is to pay out as little as possible. As such, there are a lot of things insurance companies don’t want you to know in order to make it more difficult for you to get a fair settlement.

This is where car accident attorneys come in. Here are nine things insurance companies don’t want car accident victims to know.

9 Things Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Insurance companies typically aren’t looking out for your best interest, which is why having an experienced attorney in your corner is so important.

To help you navigate the claims process successfully, here are nine things to keep in mind after being involved in a car accident.

1. Your Statements May be Used Against You

Following a car accident, you may find yourself shaken and traumatized. Especially if you’ve suffered an injury. During this time, you may have trouble getting your thoughts together. Providing a clear statement regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident can be difficult.

For this reason, you should be sure not to give any recorded statements before consulting with an attorney. Insurance agents will use your words against you if possible, so it’s important not to give them anything that can diminish your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

2. You Can Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney First

Immediately following an accident, car accident victims first instinct may be to contact their insurance company. Alternatively, the other parties involved may try to get you to provide a statement to their insurance company.

In either case, you do not have to talk to any insurance adjusters before contacting your attorney. By calling your lawyer first, you can receive professional advice on how to handle talks with adjusters and avoid making any missteps that may damage your case.

3. They Plan to Low-Ball Your Settlement Offer

If your insurance company provides a settlement offer early on in the claims process, there’s a very good chance that this offer is much lower than you are truly owed. Low-ball offers are common practice for insurance companies as this is how they maximize their earnings.

Often, insurance companies will offer an early lowball settlement in the hopes that you will accept the offer in desperation. However, by hiring a car accident attorney to negotiate on your behalf, you can get the settlement that you deserve.

4. Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Work For You

Always remember that insurance companies are for-profit businesses whose first priority is maximizing revenue. While they may try to maintain the image that they care for you and are looking out for your best interest, they will take any opportunity to pay you less than you deserve.

Insurance companies are obligated to assess your claim in good faith; however, that doesn’t mean they won’t take advantage of any chance you give them to deny your claim or reduce your settlement offer.

5. You Can Fight Back Against Denied Claims

If you believe your claim has been wrongly denied or you are not paid the benefits you are supposed to receive, then your attorney can review your options, such as asking the insurance company to reconsider based on new information or filing a complaint against the insurance company if it is acting in bad faith.

6. You Can Still Have a Case if You’re at Fault

California is a comparative fault state . This means even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you may still be able to recover damages. For example, if you are found to be 25% at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to 75% of the damages.

7. They are Capable of Paying Out Large Settlements

Don’t let insurance companies get away with paying you less than you deserve. Insurance companies are more than capable of paying out large settlements. If you and your attorney believe you are owed more than your initial settlement offer, you should pursue your claim further.

8. You Can Hire an Independent Investigator

If the police or insurance adjusters are not able to determine who is at fault for your car accident, you can hire an independent investigator to determine liability. Independent investigators will inspect accident scenes, reconstruct accidents, and examine vehicles to find who is at fault.

9. They May Intentionally Delay the Claims Process

One of the ways insurance companies manipulate claimants into accepting a low-ball offer is by delaying the claims process. They will often use a variety of tactics to delay court battles and prolong the claims process. They do this in the hopes that you will accept less than you deserve in order to save yourself the stress.

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Insurance companies may sell you on the idea that they are there to protect you. But, in reality, they will take every step possible to deny your claim or get you to settle for less than you are truly owed.

By hiring a personal injury attorney to help you through the claims process, you can significantly increase your chances of recovering the damages you need to recover from your car accident.

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