Los Angeles Rear End Collisions

November 13, 2022

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Rear end accidents are the number one cause of car accidents in Los Angeles. Not just in Los Angeles, but Country wide. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, rear end collisions are very common. In fact, about 29 percent of all car accidents are Los Angeles rear end collisions. These types of Los Angeles car accidents result in a substantial number of personal injuries and fatalities each year. If you or someone you know was injured in a Los Angeles rear end collision it may be in your best interest to contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

What is a Rear End Accident?

A rear end accident occurs when a driver hits the vehicle directly in front of them from behind. They lost often will occur when the car in front is stopped a stop sign, crosswalk or red light. But, they can also occur often in congested traffic, which in Los Angeles is a pretty regular occurrence. A majority of rear-end accidents happen at low speeds. But they can occur at high speeds on highways or other high-speed roads. Typically a rear end collision is limited to 2 vehicles. However, the collision can sometimes cause a chain reaction that involves other vehicles.

What Happens During a Rear-end Collision?

During a rear end accident, a vehicle is struck from behind by the front of another vehicle. Damage to the vehicle and personal injuries vary depending on how fast each car was traveling during the collision, the types of vehicles, and road conditions.

There are a few different ways a rear-end accident can occur:

  • The rear driver rolled forward at a low rate of speed into the front driver’s car.
  • The at-fault party was driving at a high rate of speed and crashed into a driver that was stopped or slowing for traffic.
  • The rear driver was traveling faster than the front driver and the two vehicles collided while they were both in motion.

The most devastating of these accidents is usually the last two. A fast-moving car can hit a stopped vehicle with significant force. A severe impact can cause one or both vehicles to slide or roll off the road. If the rear vehicle is much larger than the front vehicle, the force will be considerable no matter how fast either vehicle is traveling.

What Are The Common Causes of Rear End Collisions?

Rear end accidents are incredibly common. They make up a large portion of vehicle accidents in the US and total about 1.7 million each year. Some of the most common causes of rear end accidents are:

A report from the National Transportation Safety Board found that 87 percent of rear-end collisions happened as a direct result of distracted driving. Driver distraction is by far the leading cause of this type of crash, as a driver does not notice the vehicle in front of them in time to slow down or stop to avoid a collision. Distractions can include using a phone while driving, eating, rubbernecking at accidents, or interacting with passengers.

In addition to distracted driving, there are some other common causes of rear end accidents:

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving can include tailgating, speeding, following too closely, cutting in front of another vehicle too closely, or stopping suddenly. All of these behaviors can easily cause a rear end collision.

Hazardous Weather Conditions

Lousy weather, including heavy rain, icy roads, and standing water, can all cause unsafe driving and cause rear end collisions when a driver does not properly account for them.

Drunk Driving

Obviously driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants can affect the ability to drive safely, including the ability to avoid rear-end collisions.

Driver Fatigue

Driving while tired can contribute to failures in judgment and inattention that can result in rear-end collisions.

All of these factors can play into a rear-end collision, whether you are on the receiving or delivering end. It is important to be aware of these factors to ensure that you are not subject to any of these conditions, or any other conditions that might cause you to be involved in a rear-end accident.

Common Injuries from Los Angeles Rear End Accidents

Some people believe that rear-end accidents are usually minor fender-benders. Surprisingly, serious injuries come out of rear end crashes extremely often. Many people involved in rear-end accidents feel the effects of the crash for months or years afterward. The following are only some examples of injuries that can plague you after a rear-end crash:

  • Neck Injuries from a Rear End Accident
  • Back Injuries from a Rear End Collision
  • Brain Injuries from a Rear End Accident
  • Spinal Injuries from a Rear End Collision
  • Broken Bones from a Rear End Accident

Taking into consideration the above statistics it makes sense that rear-end collisions should be taken seriously. However, rear end collisions are considered “fender benders”. Because of this, insurance companies will often use this term to try and downplay the amount of injury that can come from a so called “fender bender.”

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